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Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius

Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius - Wulf Francu Godgluck O_o it started off all tender and stuff in the prologue and it was nice, but then from there it descended into a clusterfuck Wonderland-madness idk what.

The Tarot part was cool; I really like that sort of mystical stuff. The reading seemed semi-legit, too, which was cool.

But then...okay, MC is a complete asshole. Like there's no way around that, he's an abusive asshole. And he's not even "together" with the LI yet!

Chap in Beo's voice was weird. Also, Beo's name. His name is Beo. Like. Bay-oh? Or Bee-oh? Cuz the second one sounds like "B.O." and that's ew.

And like, wtf, so Beo is actually very entrenched in the lifestyle already and has all these inexplicable connections? Actually, everyone's got these inexplicable connections. They all know all these underground people, and it's like "wtf, that's not even the same kind of underground."

And then Beo's got this mystery disease. Did they ever say the name of it? I don't think I ever saw it. ...so, that's another wtf and "why" element.
I think it's Huntington's, though.
Edit: oookay, apparently it's a kind of cancer. ...how is there a psychological element to cancer? Can you pray the tumor away?

But then, ew, "baby butter" makes an appearance:
"So, you tasted Beo's baby butter?" he asked, licking his lips.
"His what?" I asked, my voice hoarse.
Hades roared, shook and rumbled with a dark laugh.
"His fucking cum? Boy's got some sweet juice in his cock. All warm and buttery and thick."

...and excuse me while I go throw up my lunch.

Eh. The bad outweighs the good for me. Everyone wants to fuck LI. We get it. It's gotten old. MC is an asshole, probably soon to be reformed asshole. Other people happen. Terminal Illness happens. I'm waiting for someone to go into a coma and father three children while in said coma.