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The Dreams You Made in the Dirt

The Dreams You Made in the Dirt - Lisa Henry ...Aiden's narration is as awkward as his interactions with Cole. ...wow, I really hope this serial telling is deliberate :/

Oookay. Read on and it kind of is.

The thing with Cole's suicide dreams...I totally get that. For me, they're more idle musings than anything, but the whole "they're just dreams" "but you can make them real" internal dialogue is pretty damn on point.

Not going to a hospital with broken bones = bad. Especially since MC didn't have any supplies to split it up with (unless he did and it was tacit?)

Biggest problem is, though, by chap 7, I realized I didn't really care about the characters. The story was able to regain my attention, but that interest dissipated again by the end, which wrapped up far too quickly and in many ways, conveniently. Still, for a LL story, it's not bad, and it had its moments.