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Under Pretenses

Under Pretenses - Jessa Ryan This was bizarre in that the prompt was there, and it was a big-ish part of the story, but it didn't dominate and often seemed to take (*goddamn it what's the idiom* second wheel? no, that doesn't make sense goddamn it) it's like there in the back of your mind but more of an "oh, yeah, and then this thing" sort of thing.

But man. Muscular men in lingerie?
I'm with you on that, MC.
(oookay that's not the typical me gusta face. Damn you meme generator. Ah, fuck it. Whatever)

I mean, it was bizarre and the resolution of the prompt-plot was a bit rushed, but overall it wasn't bad.

But man, I really want Taylor and Sam to be happy and gay together >.< Sequel?