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No Enemy But Time

No Enemy But Time - Angel Martinez In the end, I wanted to like it more than I did.

You know, for a pervading sense of darkness and unease, there were a few times where it's identified and described quite abbreviatedly and definitely. It took a too-large step forward too quickly, and then tried to backtrack and build tension, but too much was revealed too soon. Kind of like what's happening with Michael, actually.

But yeah, it rushes to get to the meat of the plot when it could have done better with holding back some more, building up the tension, letting the scenes play out instead of rushing to tell us what happened and how.

The concepts do appear quite intriguing, though, and the moments where the authors shows us what happens are good, but there's just too much telling us that oh, this happened because this, and because of this, this was the result, and then after thinking about it, MC decided this, and so that's what MC did.

What a shame. So much potential...
I guess that means this concept could do with more time for the author to mull over it, flesh out a great portion of it, find the pulse of the story and weave the subtlety in the reveals.