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Consorting With Dragons

Consorting With Dragons - Sera Trevor DRAAAAAGOOOON

No, but you don't understand. This story. It has dragons. And also, the dad, sure he's the root of all evil, but it's because he's genuinely a bumbling fool and not a malicious asshole. And like MC is self-aware enough to realize he's attractive and that attractiveness is a commodity/asset. Not an ingenue.

And like, gay stuff is okay-ish here. Like it's not common, but it's not unheard of.

The beginning kind of reminds me of Gail Carson Levine's (or is it Levine Carson? gdi I can never seem to remember for sure which it is) Princess Tales. Specifically, the Princess and the Pea retelling one. Goodreads tells me that one is called The Princess Test. But anyway, wow, that brings back memories.

And you know what? I'm a sucker for supernatural soulmates.

I about imploded when I discovered that men in corsets was the height of fashion in the Big City Fancy Schmancy Court.

AND TIGHT PANTS. Er, breeches. Okay, but like panniers and huge-ass hair... I must have tripped and fell into Marie Antoinette France omg.

And oh, my god, it isn't The Princess Test. It's Princess Academy, along with the same overblown flower analogies and metaphors and whatnot, and if I say Princess one more goddamn time it's going to stop sounding like a word. Gah. Too goddamn late.

The king's name is unfortunate. Rilvor. I keep seeing Rover. I mean, if the O were a Y, then it'd be better, for me personally, cuz then I'd mentally pronounce it "Ril-VEER," which is better than "RIL-ver." But *shrug* YMMV

Polina is kind of like Cutthroat Bitch. Er, Amber.

I dunno, I could go on and on about the meta, but I'm not in the mood. I just want to sit and ride this out cuz I'm feeling all mellow and shit, ya know?

But omg I got to the end and got all panicky because of the HFN quality of it. I stared at the doc with trepidation before finally daring to press the side key (next page), then breathed out a huge sigh a relief, because there was a blessed epilogue.

As my idiot brother would say, "eight out of eight, mate. No hate or debate" (dear god I want to strangle him).

One big mystery still: what exactly is a dragon's tear? Is it dragon-made? Or is it just a gem that people call that? D: Teeeelllll meeeeee D: