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Villains - Andrea Speed Author tried too hard to subvert the prompt, so all we ended up with was a whole bunch of meh. The writing in and of itself is rather rough, too. The mentions of possible psychopathy seemed rather random and frankly, disingenuous. Sure, the LI may have developed some APD tendencies throughout his years and the various shitty events he's been through, but to go so far as to doubt whether he can love because of an inherent trait? Not buying it.

I mean, author did create a concept and universe, but too much of it was info-dumped on us instead of being slowly revealed like a blossoming flower. As I said, it felt like the author as trying to subvert the prompt, for whatever reason, but it rendered an edgy dark-fic concept into a pseudo-dystopian blah. Not much happens, actually, which I wouldn't have minded if it were a strong character piece, but it wasn't *unhappy*

Also, fairly certain Dark Justice is a Dark Knight parody. Not that I mind too much; that was sort of amusing to see.

Eh. Meh.

Tbh I had more fun reading the prompt letter than I did reading the fill :/