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Thick as Thieves

Thick as Thieves - Tali Spencer "After Vorgell the barbarian fucks himself with a unicorn horn..."
No need to say any more. I'm am so fucking in let me read this shit right fucking now.

I think the most awkward part is the apparently twinky dude is called Madd, which makes me think of Mads (Mikkelsen), who is anything but a twink. So now I just picture this odd monstrosity with Hugh Dancy's body and Mads Mikkelsen's face/head. *shudders* Talk about looking like death warmed over. Then again, that could just be the 3AM talking.

O god his name is "Mad dog." *ahem* "Maddog," excuse me. (O god his name is "mad dog." Did I trip and fall into a cheesy thing of cheesiness?)

^It did kind of settle so *shrug* that crack mental image was just an initial thing, and I was able to compartmentalize "Madd" as "that combination of squiggles starting with a M squiggle."

Imma just say right now that I'd like it if Vorgell ended up the boytoy.
At first it was "Aww yiss, that's what happens!" and then it was "meh, of course that's what would happen. What else could have happened, after all those 'hints' dropped?" and *shrug* eh.

I dunno, man. I liked it. It's like if you lead off with something so outrageous and stupid, it lampshades ridiculousness for the work and allows the reader to just go along with the insane stupidity that goes down.