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With Intent

With Intent - Zebbie Wow. Much quirky. Very wow. Such awesome.
Or something.
No, this is great. Adam's narration is all just so in character and stuff... its like snarky, but author sass, but also character sass, even when he's getting whumped. It was like dry humor from the author, translating over into the narration and giving it character, while at the same time remaining from the character's POV and not quite transcendentally post-modern. Or something.
And omg Adam is such a dweeb.

The plot(s) seemed weirdly incidental, but idk, I guess that was in character? Because of that, though, it made it feel really short. I got to the end and thought, "Huh, that was short," but there are at least 100 pages in my dl from FictionPress copy (thank you various dl'er sites). I mean, I read this after the The West Canal story, which was genuinely short, so idk if it's points in this story's favor or not that it felt short.

Still, for a free fic, it was good stuff. The shipping stuff was a little meh for me; I kind of wanted something unexpected to happen, like for him to not end up with the most obvious person you knew he'd have to end up with. Still, w/e.