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The Coquette and the Thane

The Coquette and the Thane - Anihyr Moonstar Am I sexist? I must be, given how quickly I was turned off this book by all of the femininity going on with Basil. Baisil. Baysil? Baisyl.

Here's the little I typed into Evernote as I read on my phone: I've become spoiled of late. I was sitting through - well, mostly skimming through - exposition like God, exposition ew

I dunno. I feel not as guilty for not liking it after seeing friend reviews on GR. Of course, no one I know actually read it, but Emma has it marked don't-bother and apparently none of her friends really liked it either, so I feel less bad.

Actually, as a mental exercise, I tried recasting this as a fanfic. You know, with characters from a ship I ship, see if I could stomach it then. I came up with the crackiest idiot crack as I recast, and then it was just weird, and I was falling asleep when it seemed like a good idea, so I guess that's the GR equivalent of night-blogging.
(For the record, I tried recasting Stony[steve/tony] into this somehow. I had no idea who to put as the annoying little K guy, buzzing around like a fly, why oh why the rhymes o god I need to shut up now)

...eh. just...eh.

(also, how the fat do you pronounce "Kedean"? Kee-deen? Keh-dee-an? Keh-deen? Kee-dey-an? Like wow, what am I supposed to do with this combination of letters, srsly?

And then there was some shit about a dragon or something like what was up with that? I couldn't even get around to being okay with the "I swear I'm not a woman" thing. Actually, I was fairly convinced Baysil was a woman. Like actually was a woman, but the actual curse was everyone thought she used to be a man, including her, except for the people who met her after the curse, because they weren't included in it, or some screwy shit like that.

Or something. Eh. I feel like I have more to say/should say more, but I think I'm done.