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The Raw and the Cooked

The Raw and the Cooked - Lucy Kemnitzer I haven't read the last chapter yet. The last chapter is not actually the last chapter, but in fact somewhere near 3rd or 4th. I might get to it later, when I feel less affected by the implication in the A/N of the previous chapter about their happiness being a fleeting, delicate thing.

Anyways, this story...I dunno, I liked it, but it was weird. It was about food. But also not about food. And the food was people, but not in the Hannibal way: in an allegorical, metaphorical sort of way.

The story kind of leaves you with a HFN feel, but it's more along the lines of tumultuous affair than anything more solid or definite. It sounds almost like a set-up for the mother of all on-again, off-again's. I also went away feeling like they didn't quite get "together" together. I mean, sure they're together now, but is it official? Gah.

So, I dunno. It was definitely an interesting read, quite a good story, too, if a bit heavy on the imagery they latched on to, and even if the food bits went right over my head, it was nice that they were there; really enriched the story, they did.