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Technicoloured Something

Technicoloured Something - Zebbie This story is whacked. The past few stories I've been reading have been whacked. What's up with that? Why can't I find something that's not whacked? Gah. I should have stuck with fanfic.

So, okay. Here we go:

What the fuck. It was weird, but I guess okay-ish, even if it was rather perplexing (it was like a bi-erasure sort of thing, right?) Up until chap 14 or 15. And then it devolved into like a bad shroom trip or something and I sat there scrolling like "wtf just happened. Wtf is still happening. Wtf I'm so confused by everything."

Eh. It gets back on track a bit later.

So yeah idk. Overall I guess it wasn't bad. Rubbed me the wrong way at some points but it seemed to settle back down okay-ish.

I dunno. I don't actually know what I think of this. It's not tight enough to be a great story, and some of the ideals seemed worked rather oddly, and it seemed to struggle with the bi question, so I dunno. I guess it wasn't bad, and I don't completely regret reading it. There was just this part in the middle that was just bizarre...