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Taking These Chances

Taking These Chances - Karasu Tendo The writing is a bit confusing at times. The way the sequences of events are described are chaotic and sometimes, I'm forced to infer a certain event based on following events.

The MC, Zac, is an idiot. But he's an idiot the same way all young people tend to be idiots. He bothered me so much at first because there were parts of him that reminded of me, of the way I'd reacted to things in the past, memories of me being a stupid cock-sure idiot that make me wince when the memory suddenly bubbles up from the abyss.

The story's not a bad one. I guess I was expecting something mind-blowing or breath-taking or something after all the hype/effort expended trying to track down a copy. Worked myself up, aka set myself up for disappointment.

Que lastima.

I think what I need to do is wait a while, let the memory of it fade a little, then take a look again. *shrug*