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St. Peter In Chains

St. Peter In Chains - M. Pepper Langlinais Holy. Mother. Of God.

How I felt at the beginning:
...what a singularly peculiar piece. Not without its charm, certainly, but how perfectly befuddling.

It's...intrigue within intrigue. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, certainly. But the way it was executed...it kept you just off balance enough to disorient and intrigue - and perhaps frustrate - but hinted at enough that you weren't frustrated into abandoning it for purposefully being a withholding asshole.

The weirdest part is, by the end, I still have no idea what was going on, really, but I don't quite mind. Sure, it'd be nice to have all of the information, but it's a character piece more than anything, and it certainly has character in spades. And whoo, the intrigue and suspense.

Seeing as it does keep going, though, it'd be nice to eventually get some more facts.

By the end, though, I'm suffused with this vague sense of timelessness and awe. In a sense, the lack of details on the specific case is probably what gives it that timeless quality (at least so far, anyways; maybe the world will work differently in the future).

And yes, the writing is magnificent. Que bella.