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Cell Mates: Behind Bars

Cell Mates: Behind Bars - Alana Henry There was a foreword. I'm sure it was very touching. Sorry not sorry; didn't read it.

Eh. The writing's...kinda clunky. Chap 1 wasn't bad. Chap 2...cracks started to show.

Actually, the entire conception is rather juvenile. I mean, the author tries, and you can feel it, but it's not quite sophisticated and not quite finessed enough to be really that engaging.

The MC professes to want to lie low, yet just ups and challenges Nate? Why the melodramatic hissy fit, other than to fulfill the author's Mary Sue needs to making her MC Strong Enough to Stand Up for Himself?

I'd like to say that's when any bite the LI seems to have is lost, but honestly, it was gone before then. Something about the way it's written failed to quite build up tension in the plot.

By the end of Chap 3, I was done. Any sort of momentum was gone and it all sort of devolved into banality for me. Personally, I'd recommend you go read Protection, by S.A. Reid over this one.

I'm just not in the mood to sit through what I perceive to be subpar writing. I might have been able to get through more in a different mood, but as is, 3 chapters was more than enough for me. YMMV.