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Don't Name the Puppy

Don't Name the Puppy - R.D. Hero The first thing big enough for me to feel like I needed to comment on it was towards the end when they're in the freshman dorm and Travis opens his dorm room (not the building) by sliding his ID. Also brick walls.
1. Is this school rich or something? Because it seems helluva lot easier to just have physical keys, especially seeing as (as I understand it), they'd have to go through and program each door individually, seeing as they can't exactly program the ID cards as they would in a hotel.
2. This college must be an asshole college. Granted, I've only ever been in one college's dorms, so I don't exactly have a huge sample to take experience from, but I dunno, having plaster walls, at least, seems a bit more...easier to deal with? I mean, dorm rooms in UCSB have 2 sides that are these interesting padded walls that you can stick pins in to pin things up. That seems awfully thoughtful and expedient of them: cuts down on having to deal with holes in plaster walls, also gives the student a place to put stuff up. Like having a built-in bulletin board. Really damn useful, actually. I'm thinking about doing something like that for if/when I get my own place. I could choose my own fave fabrics and forego wallpaper.

But other than that, this story...it was just the right amounts of adorable and dweeby idiocy. I approve.