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Touching Narcissus

Touching Narcissus - Jamie Fessenden ...the whole finding him through Google Image Search seems a bit fantastic. As far as I can tell, GIS looks more at composition than actual facial features, per se. It's not bad for tracking down the posting history of an image - especially useful if asshats are reposting people's art or using reposting sites like WeHeartIt (which I definitely don't heart since it doesn't seem to source very well, even though it does copy over all of a tumblr post's original tags). I think the biggest thing that makes it so unlikely is the return of "similar pictures" GIS gives. They're all based on composition. So, yeah, it's just hard to swallow, because facial recognition tech GIS is not. But whatever, author needed to move shit along, come up with something half-plausible to hand-wave away how he tracked him down, whatever. It still bothers me.
Whatever. I can ignore chap 1's existence.

The whole implications thing...how exactly will they live with each other romantically? I do like that the author touched upon it, but it really is an issue, and it bothers me because I dunno, it seems like an uphill battle. I guess they could move to a small town, and people can make their assumptions, then get them debunked, and some people keep on assuming regardless. But then, I can't really see them going rural.

And then there's the implications of Colin's actions. Is it actually stalkery? Is it okay that he was interested enough to track the guy down?

I dunno, I guess the story wasn't bad, but for some reason, all of the implications and possible implications really bother me.