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The Case of the Insufferable Slave

The Case of the Insufferable Slave - Gillian St. Kevern ...so...like if the U.S. had gone the way of Korea and split North and South with a DMZ somewhere in between?

Being of the younger generation, and being an immigrant, my only real exposure to noir is in bits and pieces through whatever's proliferated to modern day pop culture, and also L.A. Noire.

The biggest irony is I've had goddamn Dixie stuck in my head for the longest time even before I started reading this.

And wow, the living in the office (or close enough) thing...that's some Who Framed Roger Rabbit? shit going on there.

Eh. I dunno. It wasn't a bad story, and it was certainly and interesting ambiance going on, but the mystery flew far above my head, especially since I paused in the middle to go read other stuff and watch a few more episodes of House and, I guess, completely lost track of the plot and when I came back, I had no idea who Forrester was or Dearringer (sp?) or what exactly Blake was doing in the plot. The "romance" had the interesting aspect of being a sort of frenemies situation, except lovers. Like...no, I'm not even going to try to portmanteau that up.