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The Copper Horse: Fear

The Copper Horse: Fear - K.A. Merikan It took me ludicrously long to figure out that Chestnut from the beginning was a human. Like, a person pony, or whatever. Even knowing the stupid premise of the stupid story, it took me a good 20% to figure it out.

The zombies gave me anxiety at first cuz I kept expecting a jump-scare.

And yeah, wtf, the stuffed zombie heads. And real head. That's fucked up shit, man.

But like, what. How is an entree something you eat before the main dish? What happened to aperitif? Unless French works differently in Alternate Universe Zombie London?

The concept of this is befuddling. Reuben alternately struggles against it and is by all appearances all for it. I mean, I get the whole rationalizing thing the MC does to make it seem like he doesn't actually want it, but it still makes it feel a bit whiplashy.

It's probably Eric, blowing hot and cold. Extreme cold. He's like all affectionate-y, and then sort of normal-y, but then suddenly MC is talking about him outwardly seeming amicable, but with eyes of ice or some shit like that.

I dunno, I guess I liked it cuz it definitely had force of pathos, but the writing is actually kind of confusing. You know, the "...but I was there, and I still don't get it" sort of feeling.

Whoo. What a weird-ass ride. Welp. Onto Goddamn Unicorn, Motherfucker.