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Paradox Lost

Paradox Lost - Libby Drew Aww, and the story was so good, too. And then they broke out the conspiracies bull. Not saying the concepts behind it are necessarily bullshit, but it's like you're getting to know this person and you think they're really cool and awesome and you're really liking them, and then suddenly, out of the blue, they start discussing their tin foil hat collection with great animation, because God knows everyone could use some protection from the government brain probes, and they'd be happy to lend you some in the future because it never hurts to be careful.

But then, that's just an interlude. You're still sitting there silently, stunned, brain struggling to process, and the person picks up on the topic you were discussing before.

...what. the. fuck.

I want to fall back into the flow of things, but I'm still whiplashed from the oddly casual conspiracy theory sensationalization.

Oh, please. 8GB memory, 1TB HDD in a desktop computer in 2020 and you call that shit state of the art? We have that shit nowadays in laptops. Hell, my computer has 8GB memory and a 1TB hybrid hard drive. Sure, my processor's only 2.4 to this fantasy 3.2, but I'd expect it to be slightly higher by that time of year. But as for the HDD, I'd expect everything to be running on SSDs, though idk if they make those in desktops. Also, I feel like 8GB RAM is really little for a desktop computer. Pretty sure our old-ass desktop from ages ago had at least twice that. But yeah, unless that 1TB hard disk is an SSD, I refuse to be impressed by the paltry specs of her "state of the art" desktop.

I don't like the way the women are handled in this. They all seem like caricatures and have mostly too much kitschy presence, disproportionate, in my opinion, to their importance to the plot. I mean, for all the named female characters, I'm not even sure if it passes the Bechdel test. JFC stop trying to fill quotas. Actually, was that the point of the whole waxing poetic about her conspiracy theories? 'Cause, no, don't do that. All it does is make her more kitschy and plot-device-y and flat.

Speaking of, if the future really has eliminated all sorts of diseases, then Reegan should have died from exposure to contaminants. Unless they take care to innoculate.

Eh. Just...after the random awkward break, the illusion dissipated. Honeymoon period ended, I guess.

jsdfklsjd JFC. Fucking Silvia. This is the same goddamn thing with Alana Bloom. We're told that she's educated, intelligent, self-confident, etc., and yet on screen/on page, she acts solely as a foil for the MCs when she's not spouting PC soundbites and "pithy" oneliners. I don't want a female character we're told is all that. I want a female characters who is and acts like she's all that because she is. Giving the woman more lines does not a strong character make. Sure, giving the woman character more screentime is a step in the right direction, but that doesn't mean it's the only step that needs to be taken. Yeesh

So yeah, I never recovered fully after the Great Conspiracy Shock of ~40-something%

By the ending I was quite thoroughly indifferent. I wanted it to end less...idealistically. The way this was resolved leaves so many implication problems, and I still haven't recovered my trust of the story enough to overlook them.

On a side note, look, I started a lost potential shelf called "que lastima" But goddamn it this had the makings for a 3.5 ...