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Jaden's Honor

Jaden's Honor - sassy lane Classic high fantasy. Rather simplistic classic high fantasy. It's like YA. Or maybe more J. Probs J.

I still hate the way the word "husband" sounds. Actually, I don't like the way the word "wife" sounds either. Husband sounds all crude and clunky and clumsy, like a stumble, and wife is like snarly and whiny. Man, English blows. Even "spouse" is meh cuz "mouse." Esposa is okay, though, so I dunno, must be the "ow" sound.

But yeah, eh, meh. I dunno. It's not sophisticated enough for my jaded tastes. It's too simplistically idealistic all around. Even/especially Jaden, The Jaded One. He fails to fulfill the requirements of his trope for my taste. Eh. YMMV.