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The Court of Lightning

The Court of Lightning - Amy Rae Durreson Running Commentary since it's late and brain is mostly reactionary, or something, idk:

Welp. Author did it. Sucked me into the story. Got me to care about the characters. Engaged me in visceral moments. Very nice.

And I do believe I spy a mythology reference, decidedly Greek-flavored.

Wow. It went from mostly fantasy to sorta political-thriller-y. And then it went back to being more fantasy-y.

But seriously, these two little idiots are absolutely adorable together. Shan is glib-dweeby and T-whatever is stoic-dweeby and it all meshes together so well.

Gah. No. Fucking no. This is not goddamn okay. Does photography fucking exist in this universe? ...because if it doesn't then this stupid "showed her fake pictures of what they're doing to me" thing is bullshit. It's a stupid and inefficient way of fake-proving to a person you're torturing their loved one. Now, I don't know if human rules apply to these spirity things, but clearly they can be tortured some way, so there's got to be some sort of physical evidence they could take to coerce. JFC this is like that one other historical where instead of sending the LI a finger or some blood-soaked hair/clothing author had them send freaking sketches of MC being tortured. Stupidity upon stupidity.

The latter half wasn't as effortlessly charming as the beginning was, but I suppose given the context of this piece's creation, that can be to some degree forgivable.

Eh. Yeah. Overall, I still liked it.

TBH, normally, it'd probably be a three because of the latter part, but given the context, I guess I'll go ahead and give it the fourth.