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Tales From Black Oceans

Tales From Black Oceans - M. Chandler 1. This story is quirky, decidedly charming. The Chinaman showing up gave me pause. The first thing to come to mind was that one Jackie Chan movie where he was in the Wild West (Carson City?) and they kept calling him "Shanghai Kid" and he kept telling them "I'm not from Shanghai." That one line, every time, just keeps repeating in my head.

But then, what the fuck is "Shiang Hai"? Unless it's "Xiang"? Cuz "shiang" is not an actual sound.

And the malapropisms are strange and unrealistic. Replacing a more common term with a slightly less common one? Some that are closer to simple spoonerisms, okay, but ESL speakers don't generally make actual words when they mess up sounds and switch them around. But idk, it's fiction, so I guess my experience with Chinese ESLs can be different than that described, even if I do grumble about unrealisticness.

Eh. Ridiculous crazy batshit bullshit. But like, good bullshit, you know.

2. ...what the fuck is this. This...I can't condone this. Herein lies the path to madness, and whatnot. Sure, the LI makes the MC feel alive and invigorated, but so does fucking arsenic at first. LI is bad for him, leads him down the path of destruction and insanity. Goddamn, LI is a fucking psychopath. I'd have preferred it if MC had actually turned him in tbh.
What the actual fuck. I suppose to be fair, the author did warn that this one was unpleasant...

3. haven't read it yet; need a break from this 'verse before I get into this one, which is apparently similarly, if not more, "unrelentingly unpleasant."