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The Merman and the Barbarian Pirate

The Merman and the Barbarian Pirate - Kay Berrisford I went into this one with trepidation because I couldn't get into this other book by the same author.

Weird thing: apparently, the reason mers can shift to "human" form is so they can procreate? You mean mers have no, you know, mer way of procreating? ...that doesn't sound right...

I dunno, the writing's not quite sophisticated enough for me. The characterization is a bit obvious, and Raef frankly is TSTL, which I get is the point, but the way he's written makes him seem more idiotic than charmingly naive.

Still, it's not bad if I metaphorically squint my eyes at it.

Also, wow, apparently merpeople speak and read English instead of some form of Mermish.

Eh. Sure, the story's not quite as refined as it could be, but it still has a certain charm about it. Still, it's awkward because author tries to write in the voice of Raef, but doesn't seem to quite grasp the character, so some of the narration comes off rather forced.

Still, once I get used to it and mentally lower standards a bit, it's enjoyable and Raef is sufficiently adorably dweeby that I still enjoy myself.

Kemp is apparently TSTL, too, unless mermaids have some sort of truth serum effect on people.

Meh. Whatever. I still liked the story, in the end, though I think I thought the ending was a bit hokey. It's a cute little bit of unsophisticated fancy that, while slightly ridiculous and certainly not without problems, also isn't without its own sort of charm.