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Tomcat Jones

Tomcat Jones - Willa Okati None of it made much sense. I kept wondering if maybe this was a spinoff of something I was supposed to read first so I could have even the modicum of idea of who the side characters were. Nope. Apparently this is a series to itself. The details are all hazy and ignored and shunted off to the side somewhere, which is highly annoying.

It does get bonus points for the kitty-ness, though. Not much, but I did rather like how T.J. had the darnest time trying to keep all the feline bits that kept slipping out in.

The latter part gets kind of meh cuz there's not as much kitty-loving, and also 'cause I really don't like the name Buddy, and besides, it's obviously a dog name, and therefore not fit to dub unto a cat.

Still, I was looking for kitty-loving and I got that, even if the finer points of the plot only made marginal sense.