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Transgressions: An M/M Romance

Transgressions - Erastes Usually I write my reviews as I read, so my reactions are live, and so I can record them as they happen, because if I don't, I won't remember them. Unfortunately, I read this while on a trip to Yosemite: no internet, no laptop, just my phone as an ebook reader and a notebook and pen. Let me transcribe what I have below:

This is the first time I've read an Erastes book, although I have read blurbs, and xe always strike me as a very complex author.

It's a romance, yet also not a straight romance. You kind of get the feel that the MCs are destined loves, but it's also not quite that; it's tempered with real life practicality and I at least wasn't completely annoyed/pissed off beyond reconciliation when they drifted apart/were torn apart/sought others/found others. It's all part of life, living and dying, loving, losing, letting. It all just plays out. Granted, these MCs have a long path to that sort-of-okay spot, and many threads are left behind, and they've definitely got more journeys ahead of them, but thus is life.

This [unintelligible scribble] reminds me of Shadow Spinner's interpretation of 1001 Nights -- (when?) Scheherazade revealed that she told stories of beautiful women, of ugly women, of faithful women, of unfaithful ones, of clever ones, stupid ones, nobles, peasants, uncannily lucky ones and ones whose lives were filled with misfortune. She told those stories not just to entertain and prolong her life, but to educate the sultan. You have here such a varying cast of characters, and all with just enough spark of life given by the author to hold their own.

-end transcription-

This is another one I'm not quite sure if I liked or not, and thinking back, I have absolutely no idea what to say. Congratulations? My convalescences? Happy Birthday?

I'm going to go metaphorically scratch my head for a brief moment before I metaphorically shrug and literally move on with my life.