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Looking for Some Touch [Utopia-X 1]

Looking for Some Touch - K.Z. Snow ...actually surprisingly good. Then again, Snow tends to be one of the better authors of the genre. I thought the universe was actually quite interestingly constructed, because there really does seem to be a true utopia, but utopia in the sense that there's equilibrium. The character creation wasn't bad, although I thought Tole got oddly...caricature-ish at times. I actually quite liked the moral complexity with the main "Big Bad" of this book. It does sort of feel like it ends on a cliffy/non-ending, though.

While I thought this installment wasn't bad, I don't entirely know if I'm interested in reading on. There was a very clear series seed posed, but I felt like I was more interested in seeing what happened with the four of them together, as was implied for most of the story. That had some interesting potential that seems mostly ignored.