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Switched - Sean Michael Interesting concept. Gus was an ass to Coby. I didn't quite like how everything was kind of biased in favor of Gus/Bastian and how they (but especially Gus) was/were sanctimonious prick(s) about it all. How was Coby supposed to know Bastian had turned his life around? It doesn't really sound like B went out of his way to reconnect with brother-dearest either, so for all Coby knew, Bastian was still a junkie.

Also, they have the weirdest nicknames. Coby for Jacob. Gus for something kind of like Augie, if I remember correctly. Bastian for Sebastian's borderline okay, but only because that kind of weirdly makes sense-ish? No idea.

One kind of really big problem:
Okay, fine, it's your right to use "precious" as a term of endearment, but when you're going "My Precious" all the time during the sex scenes it pulls up some decidedly unsexy thoughts. Such as:
Or more commonly,