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The Gentleman's Keeper

The Gentleman's Keeper - Bonnie Dee,  Summer Devon ...I mean, I didn't hate it, but it was almost pathetically benign. I guess I assumed from reading the blurb that it'd be something more gritty, or angsty, or, I dunno, some sort of tension-filled. Other than the fact that the MC was justifiably traumatized by his family home and kind of reacted a bit, that was kind of it for the dark-ish-ness. I mean, even that seemed to have been magically Conquered through the Power of Love (or at least lust).

The villain we are led to believe will be a villain turned out to be impotent in the face of the courage and strength the MC drew from his budding love for the LI.

And then it ends. I flipped the virtual page (i.e. pressed the next button) and encountered the About the Author page. It ends the most kitschy M/M way, too. Sex scene, abrupt cut-off (because the sex means all the loose ends got tied up, of course). I might be remembering the last scene wrong. Either way, I remember it ended rather annoyingly abruptly.

I mean, hey, it's not a bad story if you've got a bit of time and want to read about a kid in Victorian-y/Regency-y flavored non-drama.