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Le Jazz Hot

Le Jazz Hot - Clancy Nacht, Thursday Euclid It's weird because there's a certain element of each side seeming to know more than he rightfully ought to. Also, Trent's rather dense, which is kind of a given, of course, given this character type to further the plot and whatever, but still. He kind of just assumes that this mysterious man is related to the ellusive Julia and doesn't get weirded out when it seems like mystery man knows of him. How could he? What, is he assuming Julia went and told everyone about his "perverted" boner?

Yeah, and then he just kind of invites himself in. But he doesn't know how he ends up there, because I have no idea why, and only after much weirdness does he introduce himself.
Shit's happening out of order. Or in the right order, but not in the right plot. Like the flower shop scene from The Room.

Also, Trent's got issues with personal space. And he seems to assume that he and Julian are instantly best buddies with a long-standing bromance.


And then he strips. To make Julian feel more comfortable.

Even weirder.

Man. This goes beyond latent homosexual tendencies and into active-but-idiot's-still-unaware-of-'em homosexual tendencies.

Yeah, don't read it for any sort of logical realism. Read it for teh lulz and the ridiculous floof.

But there's kind of a stupid-ish deus ex machina by way of Big Reveal that I think is kitschy and a total cop-out. Still, I suppose it's technically expedient?

Does weed actually do that to you? Make you all out of it and stuff. Although maybe we can write some of that off to potential smoke inhalation.

If Trent put the fire out, why is the smoke still thickening? Also, shouldn't he be clearing out of the smoky place? Cuz, you know, he's a fireman and all and the hazards of smoke inhalation.

And geez, saying "drug paraphernalia." I was thinking heroin stuff or something.

And yeah, Trent should really be more worried that Julian's so out of it.

Oookay. Apparently he's drunk as well as high. Which we're not told about until after the confusion has set in quite firmly.

And then, of course, after the fact, Trent finally seems preternaturally perceptive.
It plays on convenience instead of characterization.
Bloody shame.

The rest of it is a bit of a travesty. The Julian: "I don't bottom" thing seems like trying too hard to subvert stereotypes that it becomes a stereotype in its own right almost. Maybe it was just the timing of the announcement.

Pavel is wtf, but clearly there as a plot device to force Trent into action.
Mike is wtf and clearly a plot device to force Trent into action. Also a sexist jackass.

Basically the entire thing is either supremely sexist or badly phrased social commentary that came off rather prejudiced regardless.

I will grant that it does have rather interesting explorations into gender dynamics and gender relations in relation to Julian's character. Some things made me uncomfortable, but in a thought-provoking way.

The problem with me being in an Ethics class is that I start viewing some things differently, and a lot of stuff in M/M is rather ethically questionable. As is a lot of stuff that tends to generally be considered romantic, now that I think of it.
Anyways, I really don't want to get into it because it would take far too long and I honestly don't care enough in relations to this story to make it a thing, although I will say that the questionable ethics of this thing did bother me. This is all in relation to Trent, although he seemed like he was pretty gay to begin with and just didn't know that.