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Brothers of the Wild North Sea

Brothers of the Wild North Sea - Harper Fox ...I mean, it's so long it can't help but turn into an epic. You know, after it reaches that point where you think the story is over, but then it keels going and segues into another one?
The blurb makes it sound like a clusterfuck and the clusterfuck definitely happened and I had no idea what the hell was going on for the longest time this once, so I just kind of ignored it and moved on.
That being said, I didn't dislike it. The beginning's a bit pedestrian, but it gets better.
It's weird because it's got elements of magic realism and I hadn't expected that. Some of the knowledge seemed rather anachronistic, but I haven't bothered to research the setting, so idk. There was a colloquial use of "ditched" to mean abandonment that I thought was out of place.
I skimmed all of the sex, so I have no idea how weird it was in this story. I will say, though, that I found it weird that it was there in all its explicit glory, just based on the tone and atmosphere and everything.