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Nicholas [Wolf Saga Book 1]

Nicholas - D.J. Manly Lul-wut, WTF, and a full bag of what-the-fuck-is-going-on?

SO many proofreading errors! Odd comma usage, choppy prose, confused character names, even spellcheck mistakes.

Huzzah, Nicolas pores over journals. Alas, Seymour cannot "bare" it if Adam were hurt.

Aside from the painfully prevalent proofreading errors that really hinder my reading process, it's got a sort of rawness that's actually quite visceral at times.

“You made your point of view well enough.”
Either "made your point of view clear enough" or "made your point well enough."

Still, plot-wise, it's quite the epic, even if towards the end, it starts feeling rather gimmicky. Maybe it's the execution?

And ouch. Whoever designed the cover got the MC's name wrong, which makes the title of the entry in GR technically wrong, too, since the title page says "Nicolas."