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Grigore in Blood [Wolf Saga Book 3]

Grigore in Blood - D.J. Manly *SPOILERS*

...are below.

(I thought GR did the "more" thing based on space, but apparently, it's more of a character count thing, so Imma fill up more characters and shit. Not like this book really had much worth talking about. Square root of 16 is 4. Pi = 3.14159... Adam...Nico...Adico? Okay I think this should be good.)

(WTF it's still in the same place. Okay, IDGAF who cares *ragequit* *onto something else*)

"I'm Adam!"
"I don't believe you!"
*ignores Adam for StAnton and/or Grigore-DhampirDude-Sitri
*magical deus ex machina
*ignores Nico and Adam for StAnton and/or Grigore-DhampirDude-Sitri
*wtf happened with StAnton that was definitely NOT a healthy relationship
*okay, Adamn and Nico prolly don't have a healthy relationship either
*Just noticed what I did with Adam's name. That was totes unintentional but ah, well. It seems oddly fitting, somehow
*why did everyone have sex with Sitri? Was it just me or did EVERYONE have TONS of sex with Sitri, only for him to go away forever?
*Dunno why I'm still using asterisks as if pantomiming fake motion.
*that's it; I'm done