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...this confuses me. So...it's like tumblr...for books?

Either way, I'm mainly on Goodreads. I do occasionally come here, and also do periodically import my shelves from GR here, but GR is a more sure bet for contacting me.

Clean Cut (The Further Adventures of Clive, the Leather Hairdresser, #2) - Scribe ...shit. I… just… that…

That was...that was insidious. Brutal, even, but a slow build-up, and you don’t even notice how damn brutal it is until you’re suddenly overwhelmed by the subtly encroaching unease and you just want to hide it in a box and forget about it because it’s freaking you out.

^That's the abuse section.

The rest of it actually kind of coasted a bit. Not that it wasn't good, because it was. It just, you know, kind of...was.

Wat. The author snuck a Batman thing in here. AND xyrself in, and it took Batman to make me suspect that maybe it wasn't just an odd coincidence.

Also, Angelfire's got some weird formatting shit going on.

I liked Bryant. He was kind of cool. The him as a Dom thing seemed a bit out of place, for some reason, and it wasn't completely bad, but it still seemed...OOC.

I kept expecting there to be a larger blow-up with Priory, but that never happened. I thought the ending was a bit of a cop-out; it was a bit too neatly taken care of.

Proofreading errors, etc., but I'm willing to overlook that since it was free and posted online (as opposed to "formally" published).