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In Passion and Blood [Drone Vampire Chronicles book 4]

In Passion and Blood - Stephani Hecht See, I read these in random order based on title and hadn't seen the blurbs, so while the story started off with Dante and Brenden and some unresolved plot bunny about a werepanther, I thought this was mainly about Ethan and Zeke, which is why I found the Dante/Brenden-sex so weird.

Basically, I wasn't reading this for Dante/Brenden. (I saw the blurb and second-guessed myself. Took me a while to figure out whether or not this was actually the book I was trying to review.)

Oh, Ethan. So much angst-fodder.

It kind of fizzled a bit. I thought more would happen. I thought more was being built up to happen (it kind of was).

It kind of ends on a cliffy. You know, just a bit of a large one, that's all. I had a NOOOOOO moment, then went and pulled up the next pdf.