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It wasn't bad. Kind of deus ex machina-y, but still, not bad. I hesitate to label it consummate pulp because there is a LOT of underlying tension and there seems to be a subtle but persistent note of social commentary somewhere in there which, unlike with pure consummate pulp, is actually not ignored. It's very much important and I think what makes this series different from your run-of-the-mill romance is the plot is an integral part of the series, which is why each installment isn't the typical one-couple-per thing. The couples' stories overlap, there are "romance seeds," two-book arcs, several-book arcs, etc.

The ending kind of extrapolated quite a bit, I think, which left me a bit nonplussed; where exactly did we end up and how the hell did we get here?

Still, the series is interesting in that it's actually quite thought-provoking if you sit and ponder certain things that were thrown out almost casually, but not really.