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Summer's Reign - Elira Winter Reaaally need to address this thing the author does:

Yes, because the two are mutually exclusive. It is in no way possible for Asians to have both academic and social skills. It must be one way or another.

My automatic response: “Tch, white people” *shakes head in disgust*

But yeah, it reminded me of this.

Okay, already the author’s pissed me off. First chapter, 7th paragraph, no less. Go big or go home, I suppose.

Now that I’m pre-inclined to dislike this story, let’s see how it goes from here :D

You know, I’d thought that they were fraternal twins, but apparently, they’re identical. What does it say about the MC that he fell in lust with Ry before realizing they were “identical twins,” hmm? And how does that happen? I mean, I guess makeup could do some of it, but I think you’d have to be seriously dense to not look at someone who supposedly has your own face and at least thing, “Damn. That face sure looks awfully…familiar.”

I somehow feel like I’ve used a record-breaking number of italics in this review. And I’m only about half-way through the first chapter *shakes head judgingly*.

The way twincest is approached in this rather reminds me of something else I’ve read before. Hell if I know which “something else” it is, but the Riot POV thing was definitely a redux of something else I’d seen before, by way of “justifying” twincest.

I almost laughed audibly when I read the “I never did drugs” thing following “Yep, I love smoking and sometimes I’d binge drink.” Yeah, cuz alcohol and nicotine aren’t drugs. They’re... *flaps arms wildly* ...you know… *gestures vaguely*
...No, I don’t know.
They’re...they’re just alcohol and cigarettes.
Which, of course, aren’t drugs. No possible way. (I say sardonically)

*just remember it’s crackfic just remember it’s crackfic dear god I hope it’s crackfic please let this be a crackfic why else would there be ridiculously long A/Ns justifying each and every one little point (okay, it’s not that bad, but still) please let this be crackfic*

The writing itself seems rather juvenile. It reminds me of my stabs at fanfic from middle school. All the head-hopping, the subtle - but present - sense of melodrama, the forcibly symbolic names, the slightly horrific impression that maybe the author is actually serious after all…

Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on xyr.

Nope. Chester must be a special kind of stupid. He again and again seems to fail to realize that as his identical twin, Riot would have the same face.

Hmm...I'll give this a solid "meh."