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...what happened to financial aid? Okay, yeah, sob story about student debt and shit, but can't you get, I dunno, grants and stuff? And don't many schools have the need-based tuition waiver programs? I'm pretty sure there are tons of scholarships and stuff for peeps like Will and stuff. What kind of shitty college/exorbitantly expensive private university must he have gone to for there to be no scholarship/grant money/tuition waiver? Not to be the unsympathetic bitch, but I'm pretty sure that he could have gotten full rides - maybe even gotten stipends or something - if he'd looked around and bothered enough people about aid.

But okay, whatever. We get it. He needed horrible amounts of debt so he could be a rent boy/escort, therefore meet Blake, and student debt is okay, whereas gambling debt is not.

And of course, he'd need to go through social services and all sorts of legal whatnot to get all that aid.

But still. Pretty sure he could have gotten tons and tons of aid (I knew someone who got a full ride to a state college. Well, more of a kid of a friend of a parent that I kind of knew. Her parents were going through a divorce during apps time and stuff. Don't know how much correlation is actually there, but my mom insisted it's cuz of those circumstances she got so much aid).

It's so...overwrought. Completely and totally. Certain things the characters do or certain ways the characters react have me looking askance at them in a "there's no possible way you never considered that" sort of way. You present a novel to a publisher and act all surprised when he suggests publishing? Seriously? I can't decide if that was fishing for compliments or author trying futilely to make the characters seem ingenuous.

The plot ain't that great, but the sex is nice, at least.

Then again, the plot was pm tailored to justify the sex, so of course the sex would have to be nice. Pretty sure the sex came first, and the bits of plot were fit in around it.

The characterization was rather inconsistent, but again, it furthers the checkpoints the author probably created.

I like the way the Karen thing went down, but the dad thing...eh. It was...well, gimmicky, for one.

I take it back. The further thing with Karen pushes the limits of suspension of disbelief.

One thing...Melissa spat in Blake's face instead of slapping him? I really don't think that's something she'd do. I mean, it's hard to look dignified when you're mid-spit, you know.

Overall, I'd say it's rather idealized, pretty overwrought in places, and definitely tailored to the sex. It's borderline "lul-wut." Still, it's not a bad light read. Just don't go looking for much depth.