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Ash: Son of the Demon God

Ash: Son of the Demon God - D.J. Manly Okay, ew no. There's so much het in this that anything that might have been okay with it is not okay.

It's really...melodramatic. I never quite warmed up to any of the characters. Or the universe. Or anything, really.

I mean, I dunno, maybe other people would like this stuff.

The writing's about normal D.J. Manly fare, I think. But also, you know, there's a ton of het in it.

Also, the universe only semi-made sense. There seemed to be several inconsistencies when they were relating the whole sordid history of whatever, so I never quite understood what was going on. And all this talk of mysterious fathers was really confusing. I kept wondering who did what and where and why exactly did that happen when the author claimed this earlier.

I also kind of feel like there were a couple times the author switched the names of characters around/confused them.