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Safeword (Power Exchange, #2)

Safeword (Power Exchange, #2) - A.J.  Rose I tried approaching this like it was completely unrelated to the first book. Must have worked, cuz while it was weird in the beginning, it helped me not think of Ben as a creepy suspicious douchebag.

I like the mystery, although there were a lot of odd Hannibal parallels. Maybe I've just got Hannibal on my mind. Maybe I've
Pretend it says "embraced"

Cock rings. To forestall erections. ...can cock rings work that way? I thought they were supposed to prevent erections...from going away. Like, you know, prolong them. And isn't there a better device that's, oh, I don't know, designed to prevent erections (like a cock cage thing?). But then, I don't have a penis and I've never played around with cock rings (or cages), so what do I know, right?

I thought the revelation was a bit...well, benign. And...boringly trite, somehow.
It's hours now since I finished it, so I really don't remember what other specific comments I had, but I remember thinking it was really boring and stereotypical and kitschy and there was probably a better way of resolving it.

Yes, it's better than the first one, and I can read it if I completely ignore the first one. A shame that Ben seemed like such a suspicious asshole in the first one...