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Slavers' Guild War (The Dark Servant)

Slavers' Guild War (The Dark Servant) - A.C. Ellas I feel like it was explained at some point how it is that Rak is Loftani (sp?) and still related to Jethain. Something something half-brothers?

It's very difficult for me to have sympathy for Jisten. Jisten is slowly but surely becoming to this series what Rose Tyler is to Doctor Who -- a, let's be honest, unlikeable character with no real discernable redeeming features that all the rest of the characters trip over themselves to cater to because Author Reasons. I tend to theorize, in these cases, that the author sees these characters as self-inserts.

I mean, Jisten wasn't so unlikeable to begin with, and now he is. That's terrible flanderdization.

Who the fat is this Kazia person? I remember her not at all.

I think I'm mostly reading for Tyll now. I mean, yeah, Rak and his suffering, but idk. Tyll is more of a woobie, I guess, and his future seems more indefinite, for some reason. I might be partly afraid the author'll just kill him off Because Reasons.
Also, he's more mortal than the rest of 'em and is going to die long before the rest of them and D: it just makes me sad.

The ending place was weird and stupid.