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The Surrogate

The Surrogate - Ann Somerville Niggles:
"silver and metal collar"
...is silver now not a metal? Unless they were referring to the color? In which case, why can't it just be "silver metal collar"?
Wait. Unless it's silver and some mysterious other metal. ...still feel like there's probably a better way of phrasing this.

Sassy MC is sassy :D

Overall...idk. I didn't think it was bad. I'm holding off on reading Reincarnation, so maybe I shouldn't put this in read yet, but whatevah.

I think it...I don't know. I didn't dislike it, that's for sure. More than that, I can't quite say. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the projected future (well, into Reincarnation) with the menage situation. It seems weird and like a bad reason for three people to get together romantically.

Yeah, universe was good, side characters fleshed out, etc. (There, covered my bases). Eh. I dunno. It was thought-provoking?

I was on tumblr earlier; I've run out of cleverly pithy things to say.