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Fish & Ghosts (Hellsinger, #1)

Fish & Ghosts (Hellsinger, #1) - Rhys Ford Never liked Gidge. Matt neither. Was okay with Wolf until G+M started really grating on my nerves, and then he pissed me off by association. And also for being the asshole that enabled idiots to fuck things up.

And Matt was a stupid asshole. "We could make millions of a real ghost, oooh." Go back to being the handyman plot device.

Gidge is an idiot spouting cliches. "Truth sets you free-" go fuck yourself with you platitudes.

The worst part is I started hating the majority of the characters before I even hit the half-way point.

And oh, God, Tristan, stop worrying about the bitch. As far as you're concerned, she and her idiot boyfriend were dead to you as soon as they fucked up Grange.

Gah. And I was tolerant of the random - inappropriate - sex, but now it's just weird. The term "bodice-ripper" came to mind earlier as I was reading, and I told myself, "Don't be silly" but I don't think I ever found justifications as to why it's not so.

No, I can't do this. I'm too annoyed with too many characters for anything to progress without pissing me off. I think I'm going to have to come back to this.

NTS pg 113

And ew, now that I'm looking at this cover, gah, wtf is up with that? The glasses guy is supposed to be Tristan? That don't look like no "ethereal beauty" I've ever heard of. And idk it just rubs me the wrong way all the way *shudders with a visceral reaction of horror*