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Bound by Lies

Bound By Lies - Lynn Kelling The writing was weird. Clinical, impersonal, something. Maybe it was the present tense. Either way, I somehow fancied that I must have accidentally stumbled upon the police report version of the story, and after that, I kept half-expecting there to be a dramatic murder.

I'm actually finding it supremely hard to like the characters. It's weird. It feels like the author's trying to subvert stereotypes, but is actually inadvertently perpetuating them instead. The impersonal air does allow the author to do deconstructions and more philosophical explorations in-text, though not entirely elegantly.

One thing that surprised me was the presence of alcohol at the Masquerade at the Manse. It's a BDSM event, right? Yes, the entire thing is a whole huge BDSM event. Something something ease newcomers into lifestyle something something. ...okay? I mean, I thought the no-alcohol-and-scening logic most other things have is very sound, so the fact that we got Brady -- excuse me, Braydy -- chugging beers was, well, weird.

And then, of course, they go into scene.

It's funny because the owner (richy rich guy whose last name, of course, has to be Davenport) apparently has a ton of Dungeon Monitors on patrol, to, you know, make sure no problems arise, but it's okay for Jenner here to be downing tequila shots.

...I mean...I guess it's okay (for the MCs at least)...? I mean, all they kind of really do is kind of have some kind of bondage sex?

20% in and I've given myself the beginnings of a headache from making faces and semi-cringing at the writing.

I tried to push on.

I got bored.

DNF @24%