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Falling Into Place

Falling Into Place - Tia Fielding I'm very torn on how to rate this book.

It starts off with this really amazing and visceral beginning, but kind of starts...I dunno, fizzling out? There are some weird turns of phrase later, such as "dating longer than once." It...doesn't build on the intensity of the beginning.

Yeah, the rest of it I was pretty indifferent towards, but the beginning part was good.

There are a fuck-ton of M names.

It ends with a deus ex machina, but I'd already stared losing a lot of interest by then, so I was mostly glad it was over.

It started a 5 and deteriorated to a 3-meh. However, since it seemed mostly 3/3-meh, especially towards the end, I hesitate to give it a 4. Let's go with 3.5, rounded down? I feel like (irony of ironies) the presentation of the issues were great, but the build-up and resolution thereof were lacking. Characterization also seemed to get a little wonky, especially towards the latter parts.

I wouldn't say it was an altogether bust, although I did expect more of it than it ultimately, cumulatively delivered.