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The Isle of... Where?

The Isle of... Where? (Isle of Wight, #1) - Sue  Brown Weird cover notwithstanding, it was cute and quirky, a really mellow read.

There were a couple of times when one name was mentioned when I felt like it should have been the other. Like, switched names.

Seeing as I read most of it on my phone, I couldn't make comments as I went, so I really have nothing more to say except asinine comments, like "Lol, Skype."

Eh. I actually cheated and have a bit more of the book left, so here's more comments:
lol the ex-wife is Tea.

Wow. I like the way the author talks about immigration as an actual thing, cuz immigration law really is convoluted and stuff and sometimes you really do just get bastard immigrations people.

And wow, the ending. It ends with an HEA, but it's still bittersweet, in a sense, but it's still a happy ending, it just has that air of melancholy to it. Nice.

You know what it's 3AM what am I doing I'm going to bed.