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Captive - Remy Jensen I've got a reaaally good question. Why did the jade shatter on the pyramid? I mean, jade. Jade. Part of why jade was prized was because it was pretty durable. According to a quick google search, jade is a hardness of anywhere between 6 to 7. Mayan pyramids, as far as I can tell, are usually made of adobe mud and stone. Unnamed stone, sure, but one source said limestone, which, according to many internet sources, is probably about a 3 on the Moh's scale. Why, then, is jade shattering on a Mayan pyramid. And why the hell was he carrying jade up and down Mayan pyramids? Seems a pretty stupid place for a dead drop, if you ask me, and an equally stupid place for live trading. Also, how was he carrying them? Sounds like of like he was just walking around with them in his hands. So, we have very valuable, expensive to obtain, and illegal to export jade...that the dude's apparently just carrying around in the open, and also shatters upon impact with limestone.

I dunno what you were trading in, dude, but it sounds like you got fleeced, man, 'cause that don't sound like no jade I've ever heard of. I mean, I've got this little jade fish medallion thing and I've dropped it before by accident and it's come away with nary a scratch. Maybe he had some really shoddy jade with tons of cleavage. I still don't see how it would shatter into powder, though. Nothing I know of really shatters into powder, except maybe talc.

Also, I swear I've read this before. Don't remember if I wrote a thing, though, so I won't list this as another case of mysteriously disappearing review.

You know what, no I've read this before. And it's still kind of boring the second time around. Tch. Shattering jade... Indeed.