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Merro Tree (Del Rey Discovery)

The Merro Tree - Katie Waitman This book is amazing. I bought it off ebay and 3 pages in, I already knew I didn't regret my purchase. It's fantastic. By nominal page 10 (about 3 for me because I'd apparently accidentally skipped the actual beginning into thing on my first read), I already cared about the main character, and he'd just been born. (I mean, I went back and read the beginning part, and knowing a bit more about the character from linear beginning, I actually cared more.)

It's fantastic, really. Absolutely amazing. It's a story within a story, but not really because the entire time, it's the same story. It starts in media res, kind of, but also tells the story from the beginning of the linear timeline.

The ending, though...
Is it really that easily resolved?
All that pain, all that suffering, all caused by the capricious will of one inexplicably powerful man and later resolved pretty much that easily, because of that one person. It seems almost a cop-out, that after everything, the war ended before it really even began.

Except it did begin, and has been going on for a long time, and that last thing was just the final battle, even if it felt like it just ended. It's okay because as much as we'd like to call bullshit, sometimes it does all boil down to one individual.

I thought I'd have a bit of a book hangover after finishing, but I don't, really. I think I had the majority of my book-gasms as I was reading.

It's an amazing and deeply complex story, even if the resolution seemed rather...hasty.

Oh, I give up. I was trying to come up with something amazing and profound to say about this book matching its amazingness and profundity, but it seems I have a headache and it's making it rather difficult to concentrate.

This book is amazing. The characters are amazing. The world is fantastic. I'm glad I own a copy.
-over and out-