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Brethren: Raised By Wolves, Volume One

Brethren - W.A. Hoffman I liked it. It took me days and days to read, though. I think the views it's got on things are rather cool, like the sheep/wolves/etc thing.

I've read some reviews where it says the author took a very serious approach to mental illness and whatnot, ad I think it maybe does a better job than the run-of-the-mill romance novel, I still think it had a bit of the love-heals-all trope going on. Of course, having no idea what actual mental illness is like and even, necessarily, what particular brand of madness Gaston is afflicted with.

It gets rather benign, I find, towards the mid-end. Still, I'd be interested in finding out what happens in the next one. I find that I've grown rather attached to the main characters.