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Treasure: Raised By Wolves, Volume Three

Treasure - W.A. Hoffman Wow. This thing. It's long. It takes you on a magical journey far away so by the end, it's not the same story it started off as. Except with this story, it was still the same story, with the same characters, even if they were different. Like they grew and developed and stuff, but they were ultimately the same person, unlike other books that take me on weird journeys and by the end, I have no idea where I ended up, how I got there, and who exactly these strangers I'm with now are.

The blurb does not do the story justice. The blurb makes it sound way pulpier than it is. The blurb makes it sound like pulp, but it's not. D: why did it have to start with that stupid-ass line?

Oh, hey. Henry Morgan's a real dude. Wow.