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Goblins: Book 1

Goblins, Book One - Melanie Tushmore The first story is so very perfect in so many ways. It's fantasy with the whimsical edge of fairy tale about it and mysterious and sexy without getting raunchy. Not that raunchy is completely bad, mind you. Not in certain circumstances. It's just nice that I didn't have to suffe-- sit through stroke-by-suck narration on the mechanics of sexual intercourse.

Wulfie is adorable. Ash is mysterious and sexy, but also really sweet. They're basically really adorable together, and there's bondage, and everyone knows that sexy bondage makes everything better.

The universe is really fascinating and cool, although I'm a bit confused about Ash, since I thought he was and elf, or part elf, but it seems he's actually just human? Minor point, though.

I was a bit reluctant to start the second story, 'cause it seems like it's about Quiller and who cares; we wants our Precious...you know, Wulfie and Ash.

It's okay, though. It seems I've waited long enough for me to read the second story.
Yeah, idk what to say. Hmm.. Focused only has one s? Yeah, there's that.

I liked the story. I read part of it, kind of went away, then finished it, so I don't really have much to say about it overall, but I do enjoy Quiller and Cashel, who I refuse to call Michael Danvers.

They weren't bad, but I still find the adorableness of Wulfie adorable, because spells and shit.